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Tips For Choosing a Towing Service

If you find yourself in need of a towing service, you need to know what to expect. While there are many different types of towing services, you can count on a few things to get the best deal possible. Towing services are available to help you with all of your automobile needs, so you can depend on them for a quality job. The following tips will help you choose the best towing service for your vehicle needs. If you are unable to find a local towing service, you can look online and find a local one.

One of the ways a towing service competes with other services is the speed with which they can respond to a call. When a vehicle breaks down or is parked illegally, people want it towed as quickly as possible. The same goes for property owners, who want to remove cars as soon as possible. Speed is one of the key elements in towing companies’ competition, and the company that responds quickly will likely be the winner.

Once you find a towing company, you need to determine how much they will charge. Most towing services will charge you a minimum of $50, which covers the cost of towing your vehicle. The minimum fee varies, so be sure to ask the company for the specifics. Many will include the first five to seven miles in their fee, so it pays to get an accurate quote. Depending on the size of your vehicle, there may be an additional fee of ten to thirty dollars for a larger car or truck.

Towing services can be profitable if they have contracts with local businesses. Advertising through different media, including automobile dealers, gas stations, and car dealerships can help you gain more attention. You may also want to consider obtaining a contract with automotive clubs. The latter can bring in a significant amount of business at a lower cost than the former. Additionally, if you have the proper equipment and are willing to invest in training, you may even be able to attract clients based on your AAA certification.

Another way to save money on towing services is to do some research before an emergency. Keep a close eye on your gas gauge and carry a jumper cable in case your vehicle needs a boost. Always have a spare tire in your car to avoid costly towing calls. In case of a flat tire, learn how to change a flat tire and keep a spare in your trunk. Finally, if your car is stuck in an awkward position, you can call a mechanic nearby and avoid the expense of a tow.

The Road Transport Act sets standards for the conduct of towing services. The Act regulates activities that towing companies perform after road accidents, such as the post-accident repair work. It was prompted by customer protection sentiment and a recognition of the vulnerability of road accident victims. It also seeks to promote character standards within the industry. Previous behavioural issues in Victoria included the infiltration of criminal elements into some areas and conflict at accident sites. Fortunately, the government has recently approved amendments to this Act to prevent a number of these issues.

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